Exit planning: 6 things to think about

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Latest ExitValhalla blog... has been established in 2020 principally to consult to SME owner managers on #exitplanning to optimise Exit Enterprise Value (EV).

This blog is an extension of a recent PE Exit survey published by Ernst Young which attributes percentages to the top 5 EV “Value Enhancers” for exit planning:


Product development

Acquisitive growth

Organic growth

Management team strength

We have added Management Succession to the list as it’s imperative in the #exitplanning that any owner manager knows his preference regards his own role post disposal and has dealt with the consequences appropriately.

Ernst and Young’s Exit survey results are summarised here:


Please add any comments or questions on our Facebook fan page here:

All #exitplanning questions will be dealt with by co-Founder Ken Lawrence, who has personally successfully masterminded >100 PE private company exits over a 30 year career.

Yes, 2020 will be a tough year to optimise an aspirational Exit EV. But SME owner managers can start #exitplanning now to Exit in 2021 / 2022 - in fact, starting the #exitplanning now is imperative to optimise Exit and enhance EV.

Let’s #Exit with style, let’s exit with panache - let’s #ExitValhalla !

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