-Independent evaluation of EV* on signing contract.

-15 hours/month consulting.

-Independent valuation of EV* on contract expiry.

*EV = Enterprise value.


To increase every consulting client's EV by 25 % over the contract life.

Business Model Calibrator

To apply for our services Exit consulting or Acquisition adviceplease complete the Business Model Calibrator and the questionnaire (both designed to be completed in under 30 mins.).

1) Your account in € / £ / $.

2) All financial questions should be rounded to the nearest million.

3) All % ages to the nearest round number (no decimals).

4)  All other answers maximum 100 characters.

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To apply for our services - Exit consulting or Acquisition advice - please complete this questionnaire.


Non-Disclosure Agreement Contract

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PLEASE SEND US BACK BY EMAIL TO: mike@exitvalhalla.com


Exit Consulting:

Minimum contract 18 months.

Minimum charge c.£198k* (payable monthly in advance).


Acquisition Advice:

Minimum contract 12 months.

Minimum charge c.£99k* (payable monthly in advance).


(for all companies with an EV of £10m or less). *

charge for companies with EV >£10m subject to a bi-lateral negotiation.


Our start-up advisory services to selective “would-be” Unicorns are geared towards equity involvement to maximise goal-alignment. Terms for each specific individual client (Founder/founder team) will be negotiated on a bi-lateral basis.

Our fundraising consulting services are also available to SMEs seeking additional capital. Our team has access to multiple sources of capital globally and has a wealth of experience in satisfactorily resolving funding issues.