In our view Private Capital Markets offer superior risk adjusted returns for investors.


However Private capital markets are inefficient. This provides entrepreneurs and their backers with opportunities to make super-returns. ExitValhalla helps entrepreneurs to exploit these inefficiencies and optimise value on exit.


ExitValhalla has a sister company Mvrck Capital which will invest third party institutional  capital in PE and private credit. ExitValhalla is an advanced origination engine for Mvrck Capital.




A blend of PE and Private Credit initially c.50:50 with GP flexibility to operate in the range 30:70 through to 70:30 in accordance with cyclical change. So when EVs are high (top of the cycle) the weighting will err to Private Credit. When EVs are low, the weighting will err to PE. We believe a private fund which mixes PE and Private Credit is more evolved, as the investment cycle is fundamentally not synchronised to the economic cycle. However, by varying the mix of PE and Private Credit, the GP can offer superior risk-adjusted returns.





In its PE mandate, Mvrck capital will select the best private companies in their sectors globally using platforms such as PitchBook to assess the target companies rankings. Nevertheless via ExitValhalla Mvrck Capital will have advanced access to these private companies in order to aid selection of the SMEs with the highest potential.


- Target fund size : €250 million

- Investment quantum : €10-30m