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Exit Valhalla

Are you an owner manager of a business with >$5m revenues ?

1. Do you need

to raise fresh capital?

2. Are you older than 50 and thinking

about an exit within 3 years?

Or are you a disruptive Start-Up with ambitions to be a Unicorn in < 5 yrs?

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In 2019 >90% of brokered SME exits (in the USA) failed (source: moneyhunttv @Jonathan Cross LinkedIn).


The recent covid-19 pandemic means the exit market for SMEs is as disorderly as it has ever been since as far back as the 1929-34 GreatDepression.


We consult to owner managers to advise on preparing for Exit and optimising Exit Enterprise Value (EV).



Mike Henebery (Founder) is a veteran of the U.K. private equity industry.

Career highlights:

-Acquired over 50 companies in private transactions.

-Key member of Gresham PE team - led spin out from Zurich Financial. -Services and raised £600m from c20 LPs (largely insurance  

  companies and pension funds) between 2003 and 2006

-Mike led 15 separate deals between 2000 and 2007 investing £200m and returning over £450m to investors.

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